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Jack Osbourne Shows Up At Estranged Wife’s Home Just Days After Punching New BF In The Head

Not a great weekend for Jack Osbourne, who recently went through a major confrontation with his estranged wife Lisa Stelly‘s new boyfriend…

On Saturday afternoon, Osbourne apparently went back to his estranged wife’s home — the scene of the run-in days earlier where he allegedly punched Stelly’s model BF Michael Gabel in the head.

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Fortunately for Jack, who has since apologized for punching Gabel, things went off without incident on Saturday, and he was able to show up at the house, get whatever he needed, and move along before anything physical happened.

As we’ve reported, Osbourne dodged a major bullet this week when Gabel declined to press charges against him for the punch; cops even showed up at the house at one point and were ready to intervene legally, but the male model decided he didn’t want to go that far.

Now, it’d appear Jack is getting used to the arrangement, whether he likes it or not — at least there doesn’t appear to be any more physical violence on the horizon.

[Image via YouTube/A&E.]

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