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#MeToo and Hollywood: what’s changed in the industry a year on?

November 4, 2018

In the past 12 months, talk of change and proposed structural changes within the industry have shifted the pendulum but more work is required It was always about far more than a hashtag. Tarana Burke should be the first person mentioned in any article about #MeToo, the movement that has amplified a whisper network and […]

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No-deal Brexit could hit UK-EU flights, says Whitehall

October 2, 2018

Papers also show pets would need rabies tests and motorists an insurance green card Flights could cease between the UK and the rest of the EU if Britain crashes out of the bloc without a deal, the government has said. In its latest set of no deal notices, the government said flights could be disrupted […]

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Silicon Valley Wants to Use Algorithms for Debt Collection

September 29, 2018

Consumer debt, credit card debt, and personal loan debt are at all-time highs. Meanwhile, investors who purchase debt for cents on the dollar and then try to collect the whole amount, and the collection agencies they hire, are getting increasingly aggressive. One in four consumers contacted by debt collectors feels threatened, and most consumers say […]

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Why It’s So Hard to Be a Working Mom. Even at Facebook.

September 18, 2018

I knew from the day I started at Facebook that I would have to make a choice. I was five months pregnant and raising two young boys. Balancing motherhood with my work as a data scientist was exciting and strenuous. It meant working during my commute, coming home to feed the kids and put them to […]

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Labor Board Backs Startup Engineers Fired for Unionizing

September 9, 2018

The National Labor Relations Board is joining the fight by a group of engineers who want to form a union at a small San Francisco software firm. The NLRB issued a complaint on Tuesday against Lanetix, alleging that the company violated federal labor laws when it fired 14 engineers in January after they filed papers […]

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The undertakers of Silicon Valley: how failure became big business

September 4, 2018

In the world of tech startups, messing up is practically a religion. This company is here to pick up the pieces I am on the phone with the one-time owner of Back in 2001, was going to deliver your Starbucks coffee in less than an hour. Its former owner is not what youd […]

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The Transformative Power of Reddit’s Alien Mascot

July 27, 2018

Reddit’s little mascot, Snoo, contains multitudes. The precious, ever-smiling alien hangs out at the top of hundreds of subreddits, mixing with the locals like a savvy politician. In r/trees, a community for marijuana enthusiasts, Snoo puffs a joint. In r/gonewild, Snoo poses for a selfie in a wig and lingerie. In r/Asceticism, Snoo dematerializes into […]

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Nothing to worry about. The water is fine: how Flint poisoned its people

July 13, 2018

The long read: When the people of Flint, Michigan, complained that their tap water smelled bad and made children sick, it took officials 18 months to accept there was a problem On a hot day in the summer of 2014, in the Civic Park neighbourhood where Pastor R Sherman McCathern preached in Flint, Michigan, water […]

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How Tech Shaped San Franciscos Unresolved Mayors Race

July 9, 2018

The last time there was a real contest for the mayor’s seat in San Francisco, residential rents were falling, the city had 15 million square feet of vacant office space, the empty headquarters of was being converted into loft apartments, Apple debuted the iTunes store, the CIA’s venture capital arm invested in a 3-D […]

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Shale Country Is Out of Workers and Dangling 100% Pay Hikes

June 21, 2018

Jerry Morales, the mayor of Midland, Texas, and a local restaurateur, is being whipsawed by the latest Permian Basin shale-oil boom. It’s fueling the region and starving it at the same time. Sales-tax revenue is hitting a record high, allowing the city to get around to fixing busted roads. But the crazy-low 2.1 percent unemployment […]

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