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Trump Has Found a Voice to Love in Tucker Carlson. That Love Isnt Always Returned.

September 15, 2018

There is a tiny universe of people with the power to trigger the president of the United States into upending international diplomacy and electrifying pockets of white nationalists at home and abroad. Tucker Carlson is part of that universe. And all he has to do is stare into a camera and speak. The Fox News […]

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Mark Burnett, The Man Who Created Trump, Is Not a Rat

September 8, 2018

Of all those ensnared in the swiftly decaying orbit of Donald Trump, the most conflicted must surely be Mark Burnett. As the producer of The Apprentice, Burnett has a depth of knowledge of Trumps true vileness that is probably unmatched. Butto use Trumps own mafia idiomSon of God, has a serious reputational problem: How can […]

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Trump and Putin: Two Bullshit Artists Enter Helsinki, One Comes Out Victorious

July 24, 2018

At first, I thought the closed-door, principals-only meeting between President Trump and Vladimir Putin would be a kind of Schrodingers Cat thought-exercise. The famous physics gedanken experiment states we can never know if the notional cat is either alive or dead because any observation collapses the quantum field of possibilities. Given it was to be […]

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Sacha Baron Cohen Convinces GOP Congressmen to Arm Toddlers in Who Is America? Premiere

July 18, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohens new surprise Showtime series is ostensibly trying to answer the question, Who Is America? Another question it answers is, Where has Sacha Baron Cohen been when weve needed him most? Apparently, the comedic genius behind the characters Ali G, Borat and Brno has spent the better part of the Trump presidency traveling […]

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New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet: Yes, We Did Too Many Alan Dershowitz Stories

July 17, 2018

Even publicity-savvy social sufferings on Marthas Vineyard. Four stories! the retired Harvard Law professor, current storyby national desk reporters Julie Bosman in Chicago and Jess Bidgood in Chilmark, Massachusetts, with additional reporting by news aide Remy Tumin in nearby Oak Bluffs, was headlined A Frosty Summer for Dershowitz on Liberal Marthas Vineyard. story, under the […]

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Government Told Immigrant Parents to Pay for DNA Tests to Get Kids Back, Advocate Says

July 16, 2018

DALLASU.S. government officials recently told four immigrant women that they must pay for DNA tests in order to be reunited with their children, according to the shelter that housed the women. The tests are the latest ad hoc effort by the El Paso who works with Annunciation House, said the government made some of her […]

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Anthony Kennedy, You Are a Total Disgrace to America

July 14, 2018

Its been a few days now, but the shock of important New Yorker piece from 2012, a tick-tock on the inside baseball of how the Court decided Citizens United, do so. Toobin shows that it was Kennedy who pushed behind the scenes to move the opinion as far to the right as a majority would […]

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This Was the Week That Finally Broke Trumps Spell

June 29, 2018

Donald Trump cant define or pronounce the word Manichaean, but he knows it when he sees it. For Trump, there are two types of people; Donald Trump, and losers, and the one thing Donald Trump cant abide is a loser. Donald Trump images of crying children torn from their mothers. His seemingly magical ability to […]

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The GOPs Racist Rot Began Long Before Trump

June 24, 2018

The Republican Party is in tatters. After spending decades investing in hyper-partisan, mean-spirited political shenanigans that gave safe harbor to white nationalists who believe this land belongs solely to them, they may finally pay a price for callously putting a madman in the Oval Office. There are, of course, the never Trumpers who found ready […]

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Michelle Wolf Roasts Sarah Huckabee Sanders Ugly Personality in Netflix Premiere

June 18, 2018

When Netflix Late Night with Seth Meyers and received rave reviews for her debut HBO stand-up special Nice Lady, but she was hardly a household name. Three months later, everything has changed. A condemning her for going too far in her criticism of Trump press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and comedians like Judd Apatow and […]

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