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A fictional Facebook Portal videochat with Mark Zuckerberg

October 16, 2018

TechCrunch: Hey Portal, dial Mark Portal: Do you mean Mark Zuckerberg? TC: Yes Portal: Dialling Mark… TC: Hi Mark! Nice choice of grey t-shirt. MZ: Uh, new phone who dis? — oh, hi, er, TechCrunch… TC: Thanks for agreeing to this entirely fictional interview, Mark! MZ: Sure — anytime. But you don’t mind if I […]

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Facebook launches Portal auto-zooming video chat screens for $199/$349

October 16, 2018

Facebook’s first hardware product combines Alexa (and eventually Google Assistant) with a countertop video chat screen that zooms to always keep you in frame. Yet the fancy gadget’s success depends not on functionality, but whether people are willing to put a Facebook camera and microphone in their home even with a physical clip-on privacy shield. […]

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An all-female armed unit is making sure poachers stay away from one of Africas largest elephant populations

September 28, 2018

Over 200 wildlife species are being illegal sold via Facebook groups in Thailand. The slow loris, pictured above, is among the most commonly advertised for sale.Image: Getty Images/500px Plus A wildlife trafficking watchdog is calling out Facebook for hundreds of listings of animals in Thailand. TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring organization, is releasing a report […]

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Why It’s So Hard to Be a Working Mom. Even at Facebook.

September 18, 2018

I knew from the day I started at Facebook that I would have to make a choice. I was five months pregnant and raising two young boys. Balancing motherhood with my work as a data scientist was exciting and strenuous. It meant working during my commute, coming home to feed the kids and put them to […]

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Facebook is going back to college

September 15, 2018

Ryan Craig Kids these days take a greater interest in practical things than we give them credit for. For example, this summer my 12-year-old son Leo was at sleepaway camp in Canada. When we received his first letter home, among camp platitudes, the two notable items reported were that one of his counselors was discharged […]

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Facebook launches a digital literacy library aimed at educators

September 1, 2018

Facebook this morning announced the launch of a new set of educational resources focused on helping young people think critically and behave thoughtfully online. The Digital Literacy Library, as the new site is being called, is aimed at educators of children aged 11 to 18, and address topics like privacy, reputation, identity exploration, security, safety, […]

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Is it time to remove Zuckerberg from (his) office?

August 21, 2018

A colleague, who shall remain nameless (because privacy is not dead), gave a thumbs down to a recent column in the NYT. The complaint was that the writer had attacked tech companies (mostly but not exclusively Facebook) without offering any solutions for these all-powerful techbro CEOs’ orchestral failures to grasp the messy complexities of humanity […]

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Sex, Beer, and Coding: Inside Facebooks Wild Early Days

July 29, 2018

Everyone who has seen The Social Network knows the story of Facebook’s founding. It was at Harvard in the spring semester of 2004. What people tend to forget, however, is that Facebook was only based in Cambridge for a few short months. Back then it was called, and it was a college-specific carbon copy […]

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Reminder: Other peoples lives are not fodder for your feeds

July 24, 2018

#PlaneBae You should cringe when you read that hashtag. Because it’s a reminder that people are being socially engineered by technology platforms to objectify and spy on each other for voyeuristic pleasure and profit. The short version of the story attached to the cringeworthy hashtag is this: Earlier this month an individual, called Rosey Blair, […]

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