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More than 4,000 mentally ill inmates held in solitary in US report

November 7, 2018

A Yale law school survey found that prisoners with mental health problems are kept in isolation for at least 22 hours a day More than 4,000 prisoners with serious mental illness are being held in solitary confinement in US prisons, according to new research, despite the knowledge that holding people in isolation exacerbates mental problems […]

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Trump sees only his own victimhood as he apologises to Kavanaugh | Gaby Hinsliff

November 7, 2018

Everyone identifies with someone in this story, says Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff Oh, the gall of it. The sheer, unmitigated gall of it. For a moment, as Donald Trump spoke of the Dr Christine Blasey Ford. If nothing else, perhaps the president might condemn the death threats that have made it impossible for her to […]

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We revile sexual violence but misogynistic populists thrive around the world | Anne McElvoy

November 5, 2018

The peace prize was well deserved. Yet the language of too many political leaders seems driven by the compulsion to demean women The Nobel peace prize often gets it wrong, routinely crowning approved individuals or supranational institutions such as the EU and UN, usually on the eve of them making a prizewinning Horlicks of their […]

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‘I feel outraged, exhausted and betrayed’: Kavanaugh nomination the feminist response

November 4, 2018

Leading feminists discuss Kavanaughs confirmation to the supreme court and whats next for American women Weeks of protest and dramatic days of testimony and speeches on Capitol Hill have brought the US to the point where ultra-conservative federal judge Linda Sarsour, one of the organisers of the This is not just a blow to women. […]

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Deep divide: Kavanaugh confirmation fight exposes America’s bitter fault lines

October 29, 2018

The only thing everyone agrees on is that the division runs deep and no one is quite sure where it is heading In the phrase of the journalist Carl Bernstein, this is what a cold civil war looks like. A group of ageing white male senators stand on a podium to defend a white male […]

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The Kavanaugh hearing proves yet again the US hates women | Arwa Mahdawi

October 12, 2018

Republicans rallying around Kavanaugh shouldnt expect women to accept that without a fight: patriarchy is on borrowed time The Week in Patriarchy is a weekly roundup of whats happening in the world of feminism and sexism. If youre not already receiving it by email, Wall Street Journals editorial board has called for him to be […]

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Sexual assault is fun if we can all ‘lighten up’ about it

October 4, 2018

A South Carolina congressman pokes fun at sexual assault allegations facing Brett Kavanaugh and manages to belittle Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the same time The Week in Patriarchy is a weekly roundup of whats happening in the world of feminism and sexism. If youre not already receiving it by email, opened up an election debate […]

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Super-snake: hybrid pythons could pose new threat to Florida Everglades

September 23, 2018

A genetic study has found that some specimens of the invasive reptile that has decimated local wildlife are a mixture of two Asian species which could make it an even more formidable predator From carnivorous giant lizards to toxic climbing tree frogs, the Florida Everglades have become a haven to invasive species steadily destroying and […]

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MSU cleared in Nassar scandal but abuse allegations grow at Ohio State

September 14, 2018

Michigan State says an investigation has cleared it of violations in the Nassar scandal but a similar case is emerging at Ohio State University Michigan State University says the NCAA, the body that oversees college sports in the US, has cleared it of any rules violations in Nassar pleaded guilty to assaulting girls and women […]

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Bishop apologises to Ariana Grande for conduct at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

September 9, 2018

Bishop Charles H Ellis IIIs hug of the singer, and a joke about her name, was interpreted by some as crossing a line Ariana Grande has received an apology from the bishop who led Aretha Franklins funeral after he was accused of touching her inappropriately while on stage. Bishop Charles Ellis III, who officiated at […]

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